Hi, I'm Bunk. That's my name.


I'm Bunk Baird. I'm an artist/designer from central New York. I believe art is about doing what's "wrong" in the best way, science is the language of the universe, and design is where these two meet to create something awesome. I love being a designer, because we get to decide what the world looks like. As designers we communicate through the pureness of shape and color. And as artists we can find charm in the grotesque and order in the nonsense. And if that sounds like a load of bunk; it is.

Personal Info

  • @bunknard
  • bunkbaird@gmail.com



Your brand is your image. It's how the world sees you. Let's make it so your audience likes what they see!

Print Design

Posters, magazines, billboards, packaging, you name it. I can take that picture in your head and bring it into the real world!

Web Design

For your website or social media, web presence is important. I'll make sure that yours is strong and attractive!


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Enough about me. Tell me about you!